I'm alive! Been really busy but starting fresh for the new year. I'll have a proper update soon just wanted to thank everyone who didn't abondon me!
veronica on the job

oh puppy.

My parents got my sister a 4 month old Pug for her birthday. She is so freakin cute and ugly at the same time I love her. We can't decide on a name though. My sister wants Hannah Montana, Miley, Sharpay, Luna or Frankie.

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I'm ready for something.
I don't what it is yet, but I'm ready.
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old news bad news typical news

So a real update? I feel like sometimes life is just so damn boring that it isn't even worth it. Lately I've been really weak and sick ( a whole nother story) and haven't gone to school for 2 weeks. It really sucks because I miss everyone and there's just so much drama in my life its ridiculous.

I went to buy my blckberry yesterday and fell in love with a puppy instead. Story of my life.
I need to decide what to spend my money on.
I'm breaking out on my forhead and my chest because of the medication I'm on. It seriously sucks so bad because I usually have pretty clear skin so you can imagine how frustrating it is.

buy cobras album as well as brit's. Seriously "Viva la Blackout" as Ezgi said.
off to comment you <3

edit: they're coming out with a prisonbreak spinoff about woman?......................embarassing
aly and aj close up

this welcome is gone.

(I'm making this public for now.)

I haven't updated in ages, mostly because I've been so busy. Who knew senior year was one big roller coaster? It's really strange. At times I wish I could ask the ride attendant to stop, to slow down, I want to get off. Pause life for a second just to look at the people around me that are shaping me for my future. The future, where I will be alone, fighting for myself. Other times I want to go faster, I want that rush, I want it to be over so I can get off the ride and say, "Whats next?"

I haven't started applying to colleges yet but it's such a big step I don't know if I'm going to even be able to commit to one. I really hope I get into all the colleges of my choice. Pyschology/Graphic Design...the two fields I'm looking into.

In my future. (Hopefully, since I'm so over my sidekick.)

Some random pictures.

+ a new ipod since someone STOLE MINE!

I'm throwing my friend Jess a hotel party for her birthday on the 27th so that's going to be insane. Probably ridiculous pictures coming soon.

PS. I'm sorry I haven't updated in ages. I'm really going to try and do it more often but I'm super busy with school. If you feel the need to friend cut me I don't blame you. Please just let me know so I can remove you also. It's been fun. ( But I WILL update more if you do keep me :] )

PPS. Why didn't my ljcut work? :[
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please get married

watching drake&josh.

Sorry I haven't updated. I got my laptop! (not a macbook but I still love it.) This is going to be my schedual for the next few months.

August 15 - Benji&Joel @ Verizon instore.
August 16 - Regis and Kelly with Good Charlotte.
August 18 - My birthday.
September 4 - School starts.
September 6 - Pete Wentz @ Macys.
October 10 - Maroon 5.

Now I'm off to comment your journals.
ps. emma and rupert need to get married.
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I got this gold headband it's pretty much MAJOR! I'm going to see Gerry's play tonight called Sideshow about circus freaks. Haha, hopefully it's a laugh.

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