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So a real update? I feel like sometimes life is just so damn boring that it isn't even worth it. Lately I've been really weak and sick ( a whole nother story) and haven't gone to school for 2 weeks. It really sucks because I miss everyone and there's just so much drama in my life its ridiculous.

I went to buy my blckberry yesterday and fell in love with a puppy instead. Story of my life.
I need to decide what to spend my money on.
I'm breaking out on my forhead and my chest because of the medication I'm on. It seriously sucks so bad because I usually have pretty clear skin so you can imagine how frustrating it is.

buy cobras album as well as brit's. Seriously "Viva la Blackout" as Ezgi said.
off to comment you <3

edit: they're coming out with a prisonbreak spinoff about woman?......................embarassing
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  • only when the drugs are gone...i feel like dying.

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